The Executive Team

Meet the team... a successful group of entrepreneurs and IT experts who are passionate about what they do both in and outside the office!  

Rick Lowrey, Founder and Chairman

The Patriarch:

Rick has a long history in IT including time spent working as an equipment lessor and IT provider. After serving as partner at Oliver-Allen, Rick started TamGroup in partnership with Jyll Cassidy and Christian Franklin with the philosophy that helping clients make informed decisions while providing them with personalized customer service is the key to creating lasting relationships based on mutual trust. His main goal then and now is to help customers navigate the maze of IT procurement options and deliver innovative solutions that make financial sense.

Rick has dedicated much of his free time to rescuing dogs in his favorite vacation spot of Baja California where he also hones his aviation and kite surfing skills. 

Christian Franklin, Co-founder & CTO

The Technologist:

By technologist we mean Christian is constantly thinking about how technology combines with people and process to solve problems, or generally make things better. He’s a ‘practical geek’ who works hard to stay in front of technology and the art of what is possible. He’s not afraid to share his point of view and will challenge the status quo in pursuit of elegant and sustainable design.

As one of the founding members of TamGroup, Christian spends most of his time aligning the strategic goals of the company with those of our clients. He has a hands on approach to every project he touches (which is almost all of them) and ensures each one effectively applies technology to drive improved outcomes for our clients.

Free time? Did you read the above description? Just kidding, Christian does make time to listen to the latest technology podcasts while cycling to work, hitting the slopes at Lake Tahoe or flopping around on a board attached to a kite.

Jyll Cassidy, Partner and VP of Operations and Finance

The Boss:

Ever heard the phrase “dot your i’s and cross your t’s?” That’s Jyll, and she does that… EVERY DAY! She is reliable, organized, detailed and every other adjective you would want used to describe the person in charge of Operations and Finance.

She has been with TamGroup since inception and expertly manages the team running back office as well as the supply chain and customer service operations.

Jyll is also an avid outdoorsman and animal lover, so much so that when asked for a profile photo she sent two… one of a bear, and one of her standard poodle. She also has a soft spot for the Raptor family, which may explain her appreciation for precision. 


Steve Cormier; Data Architecture Practice Leader

The Philosopher:

Oh Steve, where to start? He is by definition a true techie but also so much more. Steve has engineered large-scale platforms for credit card processing and telecommunications, designed one of the first data warehouses for a large bank in California and even created and implemented a service-oriented architecture for the US Army that allows them to integrate communications between battle platforms… whew, pretty impressive! Currently you can find Steve focusing his efforts and expertise toward healthcare clinical analytics to help improve financials and most importantly, patient outcomes.

With each of these projects and the many others Steve has spearheaded, a common theme has emerged… Steve is passionate about improving how people do business through effective technology. He applies his knowledge in both the database and applications worlds to provide comprehensive and well-integrated solutions to do just that.

Steve is also our artist-in-residence, as a wordsmith, art enthusiast and novelist he makes quite the dinner companion!

Mark Rabin, Regional Sales Leader

The Mentor:

Mark has built his knowledge of IT solutions for over 3 decades. And this is why our clients love him, he possesses the ability to answer all questions down to the most miniscule (but ever important) factoid and to provide that answer within the context of their business.

Mark has honed his IT skills in industries such as insurance, manufacturing, transportation and education. As a programmer and IT manager at a mid-sized manufacturing company he grew to understand the business issues of IT.  He later managed technical support in the IBM Business Partner channel while providing performance analysis and system architecture services on hundreds of servers. When we refer to him as our in-house IBM expert we’re serious, he knows his stuff and most importantly uses that knowledge to help our clients determine the best solution for their IT needs.

It should come as no surprise that to Mark, it’s all about the details. He is a lifelong jazz fan that prefers variations on the bebop and big band genres, a sports car enthusiast with a soft spot for Porsches and an occasional artist with a penchant for the abstract because in his words “abstract paintings let everyone see what they want to see.”  

Jesse Acosts, Engineering Lead

The Pragmatist:

Jesse has decades of experience designing solutions that balance engineering with pragmatic realism. He honed his skills as solution architect at Avnet Technology solutions working with channel partners to design and optimize datacenter infrastructure solutions.

At TamGroup he's expanded his scope to appreciate how infrastructure as a service solutions like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure fit into the modern information technology fabric.

He's an unabashed gear head with a fondness for the great american muscle car.