What You Need to Know About IBM's End of Service for IBM i 6.1 Announcement

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9/17/14 7:30 AM

IBM has announced that September 30, 2015 will see the end of service for Version 6.1 of the IBM i Operating System and Licensed Programs. This aligns with IBM’s history of keeping two OS versions “active” at a time.  IBM will also withdraw support for DB2 Web Query version 1.1.x.  For clients needing support beyond that date, IBM plans to provide an option to purchase extended support.  We anticipate this will be similar to the support offering IBM currently provides for V5R4 clients.    

IBM i 6.1 became available in March of 2008.  At that time it was considered a significant step forward in functionality and performance.  6.1 brought us a number of technologies we now take for granted including, PowerVM, SSD’s, PowerHA, the web-based system console, encrypted backups and more.  This release also saw the change in naming from Version-Release to the more common “dot” system, i.e., Version 5 Release 4 to IBM i 6.1.  Since the advent of the Technology Refresh in IBM i 7.1, IBM is able to continue to add significant new functionality without the need for a new O/S version.  So we have seen the tradition of a new OS version every two years stretch to four years.  IBM i 7.1 has been available since March 2010 and IBM i 7.2 was released in June 2014.

Operating system upgrades have increased in complexity, so be sure to read the IBM documentation fully…


including the Memo to Users…


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