Integration: What’s in a Name?

Posted by Steve Cormier

4/28/12 6:14 PM

You're building a data warehouse, and you want to indicate what U.S. Census regions your customers are in for analytics purposes.


Topics: Analytics, Data Warehouse, Information Management, Information Integration

Big Data as part of an enterprise data strategy

Posted by Christian Franklin

3/19/12 4:16 PM

Working with big data is becoming an integral part of the enterprise data strategy at many organizations - and they are looking to deploy a platform that allows them to manage the data from the moment it enters their enterprise. A number of vendors are crafting enterprise ready platforms in an effort to improve time to value (and generate license revenue).


Topics: Analytics, Data Warehouse, Big Data

A Formula for Successful Data Integration in Healthcare

Posted by Christian Franklin

3/14/12 9:21 AM

A formula for successful data integration in Healthcare looks like this:


Topics: Analytics, Data Warehouse, Healthcare

Netezza 2011 User Conference - Enzee Universe

Posted by Christian Franklin

6/28/11 12:28 PM

Netezza, a recent acquisition into the IBM Company, held it's annual user conference this past week in Boston.  It was good to meet up with clients and spend time with some of our partners such as Composite Software, MicroStrategy and BrightLight Consulting.


Topics: Data Warehouse, Information Management, Core Infrastructure