Scorecards and Measures in Healthcare: Do They Improve Outcomes?

Posted by Christian Franklin

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12/11/13 10:00 AM

This blog begins a series on how to utilize Business Intelligence (BI) and Scorecards to improve and impact healthcare outcomes.  This will not be an overly technical discussion but instead a business case and data driven conversation.  I will discuss the following areas:

  • Approach
  • Scoring and Measures
  • Outcomes and Results
  • Going behond the dashboart to insight!



The first area I would like to outline is the approach in order to utilize Scorecards and BI tools for measures and metrics.  To truly take advantage of tools to improve healthcare outcomes, a concise and well thought out approach and plan must be leveraged.  This is the essential first phase of gaining insight to your metrics and to your data.  It goes without saying you have to have a measure or an outcome you want to validate success against when diving into the BI Measures and Scorecards arena.  However, this process needs to be well thought out and supported by infrastructure and technology.  Multiple areas of process and personnel need to come together for a successful project outcome.  A detailed and rigid adherence to process approach must be implemented. This includes addressing key areas such as 1)  project requirements, 2) defining the outcomes and initiatives, 3) implementing quality data governance completed, 4)  establish the business rules and data models for clearly defined outcomes,  5) pair down all the strategic goals that need to be mapped to outcomes and measures targeted for improvement,  5) detail key user experiences and personas to align with strategic goals and finally, 6) establish the resource allocation to achieve the target goals and outcomes. These key steps are just the initial approach in order to address the data, benchmarks, current outcomes, and technical components to be leveraged to achieve improvement. Taking these first steps in your initial approach doesn't guarantee the desired achievement of the scorecard goals, but they give you the foundation for achieving the desired outcomes of your measures.  The approach phase is just the first building block in the framework.   Next we will discuss the ideation and development of scorecards and measurements


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