Office 365 Series: Why choose Office 365?

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7/25/14 8:00 AM

Migrating to Office 365Has your organization considered migrating to Office 365 but the timing hasn't been right or you're having a tough time justifying the implementation? With the Office 365 Series, we'll take you through some key areas of consideration and implementation with Microsoft's strong push to move businesses to this subscription-based model.

Reduced Administration

In Office 2013 and previous versions, it was up to the systems administrator to apply windows patches, application patches, or security patches every month. The cloud-based updates in Office 365 enable automatic patches when necessary without any additional work. Administrators can spend less time on maintaining the new system and now focus on implementing new projects.

Reduced Capital Expense

Migrating user data and content to a secure cloud server will allow server expenses to drop dramatically. As part of a single sign-on service (to keep the same user id and password), some companies will only need 2-4 servers to make connectivity easy for users. 

Reduced Opportunity Cost

When your IT staff is spending cycles just keeping servers and systems patched, they are not investing time in business projects. Their time is better spent on initiatives that will increase your company’s revenue, efficiency or both!

Migrating to Office 365 won't make all administration go away, but the pieces that remain will be higher value services such as content management in SharePoint Online, or automation of user provisioning which will reduce work in the future for IT and the business. You can check out how KAH Motors Drives down Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by implementing Office 365. 


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