Office 365 Series: Capabilities & FAQs

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7/28/14 8:00 AM

Office 365 questions

Moving and updating a business system can cause a lot of anxiety within an organization and as an administrator, you want to get ahead of all the questions that come along with migrating systems. More specifically with Office 365, the flexibility to subscribe to one or multiple services to acquire certain functionality requires greater knowledge of your existing and future system. Microsoft has changed the service bundling, discounts and tiering rapidly as it changed to market conditions to increase adoption.




As TamGroup works with businesses to make the transition to Office 365 easier, we've collected the most popular questions and answers below. 

Q: Can a business change tiers easily? 

A: No, to change tiers, a migration must be performed. TamGroup recommends you start with the highest tier you think your business will grow to in 3 years to prevent the need for additional and expensive migration projects.


Q: Can I add individual services to my Office 365 Subscription?

A: Yes, email is a good example of a service that can be added where business users only need email, but not other services in your current subscription bundle.


Q: What limitations are in place in Office 365?


50GB of Email for most plans.

1M items per mailbox for most plans.

25MB attachment size for most plans.


500 megabytes (MB) per subscribed user for most plans.

1TB per Site Collection for most plans.

25GB per user for Personal Storage (OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive)


Q: How are Systems Backed up?

A: SharePoint Online holds items in the recycle bin for up to 90 days by default.  You can use 3rd party tools to perform special backups if you desire.


Q: Can I delegate the administration of Office 365 to my Managed Service Provider?

Yes, you simply need to let your provider know that you want them to support Office 365 as part of their services to you.


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