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Posted by Christian Franklin

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6/28/11 12:28 PM

Netezza, a recent acquisition into the IBM Company, held it's annual user conference this past week in Boston.  It was good to meet up with clients and spend time with some of our partners such as Composite Software, MicroStrategy and BrightLight Consulting.

For those not familiar with Netezza, it's an appliance that is optimized for serious analytics.  The following video: Netezza in 5 minutes does a good job explaining how the appliance works.

One piece of news from the conference is that the Netezza TwinFin and Cruiser are being renamed to Netezza Appliance 100 and 1000 or some such bland badging, Netezza is giving up it's identity to Big Blue.  I'm still not sure if this is for real or whether Tim Young was on a roll but a subsequent, and semi hilarious exchange with Tim and Jim Baum causes me to think it fact.

Hadoop, big data, NoSQL and in-database analytics got a lot of attention at the conference which mirrors the buzz and recognition that 'business as usual' deserves to be challenged when dealing with extreme information.  Marv Adrian presented his 12 dimensions of extreme information management and basically stated that failure adjust to these new realities ends up looking like...

Train wreck


All of which further supports our conviction that without a good understanding of the requirements, the probability of success diminishes rapidly.

Other intriguing conversations included how R and advanced algorithms are changing the game in the world of complex analysis and statistical modeling. FuzzyLogix and Revolution R are doing some very cool things in this area.

Finally, real time event and message processing is starting to hit its stride - IBM's SPL and InfoSphere Streams seems to have moved from bespoke, purely for the PhD set, to a productized solution.

Topics: Data Warehouse, Information Management, Core Infrastructure