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6/22/11 3:33 PM

IBM WebSphere Development Studio Client has been replaced by the Eclipse-based Rational Developer for Power System Software (RDPSS) to allow developers to do RPG, COBOL, programming on the System i.  This is built on the same platform as Rational Developer for WebSphere that provides Java delelopment tooling.

An important consideration for moving to this new developer platform is that IBM announced that the green screen SEU development tool will no longer be enhanced to support new language functions starting at Version 7.1 of IBM i.  So all customers will need to move to RDPSS for RPG and COBOL development, if they want accurate syntax checking while working with source code starting at IBM i V7.1. 

You can get hands on experience with RDPSS at IBM Enterprise Modernization Sandbox for Power Systems. 

These tutorials can help shorten the learning curve and TamGroup can provide onsite developer mentoring in RDPSS, and formal IBM training is also available.

Rational Developer for Power Systems Software is licensed on a per developer seat basis.  Each developer working in the tool needs a license.  That license applies to all the workstations that the developer might use.  So if one developer has a desktop and a laptop computer only one license is required.

The folks we have spoken with at the IBM Toronto Language Lab say that a developer can be more productive using RDPSS than SEU within 30 days of committing to using RDPSS full time.

Contact the TamGroup for assistance ordering Rational Developer licenses to keep your developers up to date and help them be more productive.

Here is a video showing how a developer would use RDPSS to edit an RPG program.

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You can read more about RDPSS and download a free trial copy here.

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