Service Management: the New Reality

Posted by Christian Franklin

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6/9/11 11:20 AM

The terms ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘DevOps’ are terms and people are trying to figure out what they mean.  We saw something similar with SOA a few years ago but things have settled out and creating services is becoming standard practice.  I expect similar things to happen with DevOps and Cloud.

Part of our responsibility is to help clients understand these trends and set up to take advantage of them.  Let’s look at how some of these trends are developing and their impact potential on IT organizations.

Cloud, Agile, DevOps

Cloud computing, at its core, is the logical progression and extension of the trends that virtualization at scale started.  Using history as a guide, there are a number of interesting parallels that can be drawn from the manufacturing revolution we experienced in the last century.

The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is horribly ambiguous.  Just as clouds in the sky have different classifications so does its technology analog - we have public, private and hybrid clouds that can be configured to support IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.  That said, Moore’s and Metcalfe’s Law have brought us to a point where the cost and connectivity are in place for information technology can be delivered as a utility - transformations in operations management and development are occurring to support multiple models that are necessary to support an increasingly interconnected world where competition, sustainability and innovation demand agility.

We will be watching how DevOps develops and works it's way into the vernacular.  I, for one, think it's an idea that has plenty of potential and look forward to participating in the conversation(s).

Topics: Optimization, Cloud & DevOps