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2/6/13 8:08 AM

Picture1 resized 600 Key points from the February 5 IBM Power Systems Announcement

In our opinion IBM Smarter Computing just keeps getting smarter. So smart in fact, that the amount of information contained in each new announcement can be difficult if not grueling to read through, even for some of the most diehard IBMers and technology experts.  That’s why our experts do it for you. Not only do they depend on this information to make a living, but even more startling… they do it for fun.  In the first of our announcement overview series, our in-house IBM technology expert, Mark Rabin, brings you some of the highlights of the February 5 IBM Power Systems announcement information in a much more useful and hopefully palatable format.

  • IBM  POWER7+ processor technology, which was first seen on the IBM “enterprise class” Power 770 and 780 servers last fall, has now made its way to IBM’s Power Express server family.  In addition to improved price and performance, the new POWER7+ equipped Power 710 through 750 Express now support twice as much memory and twice as many logical partitions as the Power7 version of these servers. In addition, SUSE and RedHat Enterprise Linux Server users can also leverage the IBM PowerLinux 7R1 and 7R2 and benefit from these same enhancements.

  • The new POWER7+ low profile 710 and 730 are priced to compete directly with traditional “pizza box” Intel servers.  The Power 720 and 740 are well suited for IBM i workloads, ERP, server consolidation and virtualization.  Oracle, DB2 and Sybase servers will also see excellent performance from this new platform.  IBM i customers running on older POWER5 technology can see up to a seven times performance improvement plus a significant reduction in maintenance costs that will go a long way toward paying for a new POWER7+ server.

  • The upgraded Power 750 Express server was completely redesigned to provide optimized performance with up to 32 POWER7+ processor cores.  It offers up to 40 percent greater performance than competing 32-core servers and is Energy Star compliant.  The Power 760 is a new class of server with up to 48 POWER7+processor cores and On-Demand expansion capabilities previously only available in high-end enterprise class servers.  The Power 750 and 760 servers include a 3 year 24 x 7 base warranty.

  • For customers looking for massive I/O performance, the new POWER7+ 710 through 760 will support the 30-slot SSD expansion drawer that supports up to 11.6 TB in 1U of rack space.  It provides an astonishing 480,000 I/O’s per second using an embedded controller with 3.1 TB of native cache and can also support external disk drive expansion units.  New 900GB internal disk drives provide a significant increase in disk capacity for large-scale storage needs.

  • IBM’s new 4-port 10GbE converged networking adapters will enable more I/O while using fewer cord slots to reduce overall cost.  This card provides two 10GbE CNA ports for Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and network traffic, plus two 1Gb Ethernet ports. New 16Gb Fibre Channel SAN adapters enable higher I/O rates for external SAN devices.

  • Internal tape has been enhanced with support for LTO6 tape technology supporting up to 6.25 TB per data cartridge.  LTO6 is also supported on many of IBM’s tape libraries.  New 1.5TB RDX drives are also now available.  With the new Technology Release 6 for IBM i 7.1, it will now be possible to use the USB slot on the Power Server for the first time, something only AIX and Linux users could previously access.

Final assessment of the latest announcement: whether you are deploying a private cloud, a public cloud or a conventional server environment, these new Smarter Cloud enabled servers provide outstanding price, performance and flexibility.  For more information on IBM Smarter Computing click here.

As the first of our announcement overview series we’re interested to hear from you. What information would you like to see us include on future overviews?  As always our main goal is to help you. Please contact us to understand how these new servers can help your Smarter Computing environment become even smarter or check out our IBM Servers information page. To see what we’re up to or for more industry updates please visit our connect page.


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