Healthcare IT | improve your cost to value equation... (a series)

Posted by Christian Franklin

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7/18/12 7:07 AM

Healthcare information technology (Health IT) represents one of the more complex and challenging information technology deployment models, and thus spends proportionately more on technology that other industries. 

This post kicks of a series that looks at some of the root causes of the disparity between cost and value equation along with some ideas for normalizing it.

Meaningful info at the point of care

We will be looking at the role of information integration and data exchange, the requirement for analytics that span clinical and financial systems along with topics that touch on meaningful use, accountable care organizations (ACO) and evidence based medicine.

There is much government funded work in flight and incentives galore however time is running short and it's time to focus on outcomes. Those that execute well will stand to benefit - and most importantly, so will the patient and healthcare consumer.

A sea change is under way in healthcare and there is little reason why healthcare IT can't deliver the same level of productivity increases, service and convenience available in other industries that we all interact with regularly.

One of my personal peeves is when a requirement exists but the path to resolution defaults to 'our EHR is going to take care of that...' but where in the product development or deployment roadmap the functionality becomes available is an unknown. The reality is that no single system is going meet all the functional requirements of an operating environment with the information intensity of healthcare (yes, there are EHR vendors that will disagree with me on this point). Information integration is a reality and it means more that pushing data around - and this topic will be explored in detail in next week's post. Subsequent posts will explore approaches (process and technology) to delivering holistic and meaningful information at the point of care.

Topics: Information Integration, Digital Business Evolution