HL7 Integration (CCD) Engines - The Next Interoperability Bridge!

Posted by Christian Franklin

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6/12/12 10:15 AM

HL7 integration engines will be the next interoperability bridge in Healthcare. It will bring together the coordination of provider EMR’s, practice management systems, and health information exchanges (HIE)’s. There are numerous “brute force” mapping options for the health level seven (HL7) standards in Healthcare.

Brute force programs are written in a rough, tedious way, full of repetition and lacking abstraction which can be costly and leave a lot to be desired when it comes to data integrity! To drive the success of interoperability and efficient interfacing, however, we must seek a more advanced option. This option would be an HL7 integration engine that intelligently maps and parsed the CCD/CCR HL7 standard. This is vital for systems to transform, reconcile, and validate data interchange at a more efficient and compliant rate.

This “engine” will drive the key to all health information and information exchange, better data at the hands of the providers. In addition, this data mapping engine will assist in delivering additional tools such as analytics, predictive analytics, patient-centric care modeling, deliver assets to Accountable Care Organizations, provide roadmaps for collaborative care and better overall patient outcomes.

Since the top challenges in Healthcare today are connecting EMR/EHR’s to other systems, connecting clinical and financial information to disparate systems, and delivering analytics to improve outcomes, the data must be mapped accurately and efficiently. The days of brute force coding, table reconciling, and building one-off models of integration cannot sustain our advances in health information exchange.

Can we deliver this engine for data mapping, the truly semantically intelligent HL7 engine? In order for healthcare providers to sustain cost containment, deliver on care metrics, and improve overall patient outcomes the answer is we must! The HL7 integration engine, in my opinion, will be the next “Healthcare Bridge” to true interoperability.

Topics: Information Integration, Healthcare