IBM PureSystems in Healthcare

Posted by Christian Franklin

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5/24/12 8:04 AM

IBM's recently announced PureSystems, a converged infrastructure for data centers holds some promise for healthcare providers if the capabilities live up to their billing.  Let's face it, most healthcare providers have a number of systems from various providers that typically represent silos of infrastructure and information.  The trouble facing Healthcare IT organizations is that the complexity this creates is a costly environment to manage.

The trend towards integrated systems (or converged systems as they are often classified), should be a welcome change for Healthcare IT provided they don't introduce vendor lock-in. One of the common key value-adds of these offerings is what is often referred to as a 'Fabric Resource Pool Manager' which is designed to provide a dynamic infrastructure guided by policies. In IBM's case, this is the Flex System Manager which is central to its IBM PureSystems product line (see blog post: IBM PureSystems or product information page).

IBM PureFlex Packaging

It is our recommendation that Healthcare IT organizations evaluate converged infrastructure solutions to determine how they might improve agility and reduce OpEx cost. IBM PureSystems and SmartCloud offerings appear to have quite a bit of flexibility, expertise and optimization built-in but wariness of vendor lock-in is something to be considered when evaluating platforms. Here are a few key steps to take when evaluating integrated systems:

  • Determine your use cases for consolidating and migrating legacy systems, improving nonoptimized system performance, offering IT as a service, delivering on private cloud and improving IT operations efficiency (there may be more but this is a start).

  • If you already have an integrated systems strategy, decide where IBM's approach could coexist with other tools (watch this space for more developments).

  • Compare Flex System Manager's efficiency and optimization through proof of concepts (PoCs) within a rack and across multiple racks and domains with competitors' strategies.

  • Work with us to perform a configuring exercise consolidating IBM i environments, Power/AIX or PowerLinux, and Blade Center to PureSystems and develop PoCs.

  • Generate ROI estimates on PureSystems, including PureFlex and Flex Systems Manager.

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