IBM PureSystem – The first expert integrated system infrastructure

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4/11/12 4:26 AM

Simplified deployment and management of servers, networks, storage and virtualization has been trumpeted by many vendors for their products.  In some cases they delivered that capability for their respective products, but not the entire infrastructure.   In an industry first, IBM is delivering integrated management for the complete infrastructure stack in the next generation platform called IBM PureSystem.  This Expert Integrated System has captured the experience of thousands of server, network, storage and virtualization deployments and merges it into a single management interface, the IBM Flex System Manager.

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No longer do you need to go to VMware to build the virtual server, sign in to a SAN to define storage, access a SAN switch to define a storage access path and go to the Ethernet switch to setup network access.  Now you can automate deployment of virtual servers by defining server, network, storage and virtualization resources from a single management interface.  Where deploying a virtual server may have taken hours or days to fully deploy, it can now be completed in minutes.

This technology is built on the IBM PureSystem, a new integrated platform that tightly couples Intel and Power server technology with Ethernet, Fibre and Infiniband network switches and the V7000 virtualized SAN.  Then any of the leading server operating systems (Windows, AIX, Linux, IBM i, and others) and virtualization platforms (VMware, PowerVM, Hyper-V and others) can be deployed on the PureFlex System hardware using the integrated IBM Flex System Manager.  This delivers a seamless architecture that enables rapid deployment and simplified management.  A “single pane of glass” provides control for Optimization, Integration and Security with support for solutions from RedHat, VMware, CA, SUSE, Tivoli, Microsoft and other vendors.

The IBM PureSystem provides uncompromised compute, I/O and storage performance to support mainstream virtualized and non-virtualized computing workloads.  Enhanced power management capabilities are built into the PureSystem which means this architecture is ready to be a part of a Smarter Planet by reducing power and cooling overhead to protect our environment while achieving a lower total cost of ownership.  Speaking of efficiency, you probably remember the Watson computer that played on the Jeopardy TV game show last year.  This new IBM PureSystem platform can deploy that same level of processing power in a 63 percent smaller footprint.

The IBM PureFlex System is a complete factory integrated and optimized infrastructure with integrated management and automation expertise. The IBM PureApplication System is an expert designed integrated and optimized application aware platform.   No other architecture offers this level of integration and automation.  TamGroup is prepared to help you understand how the IBM PureSystems may help your organization simplify operations and improve efficiency.

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