Expert Integrated Systems and Transformational IT

Posted by Christian Franklin

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3/24/12 6:35 PM

The transformational effect of cloud capabilities on IT organizations gets most of the press, but the real story is the transformational impact of digital business and digital delivery. In fact, digital delivery is fundamentally changing the shape and definition of markets -- digital business is different and its driving the necessity for cloud computing both inside and outside the four walls of today's organization.

With the introduction of engineered and tightly integrated systems (Oracle Engineered Systems, VCE Vblock, IBM Expert Integrated Systems), cloud models, and trend towards aligning development and operations teams (Dev | Ops), we are starting to see some some dramatic shifts in the ratio of customers to IT resources.


The transformational shift is, that well designed and integrated systems should promote rapid growth in demand without requiring a proportional growth in staff. By making the entire IT organization more efficient, more organized, more automated, the growth of the organization should no longer need to match that of demand.

Digital business is different, and traditional market classifications (SMB, SME, Enterprise) break down because the physical size and reach is no longer the sole determinant of influence and capability.

A firm that might be classified as an SMB using traditional definitions (number of employees) could very well be the digital equivalent of an enterprise powerhouse because of its audience and reach.

The multiplier effects around software, less complex APIs, better interconnectivity, ubiqitous information access and more push-button IT is meeting the needs of doing more with less - and holds the promise of information technology driving value through digital delivery of information and services instead of being viewed strictly as a cost center.

When engaging with clients, we look to the size of an organization’s audience and consider the impact of mobility and virtualization on the overall demands on that organization.

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