Big Data as part of an enterprise data strategy

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3/19/12 4:16 PM

Working with big data is becoming an integral part of the enterprise data strategy at many organizations - and they are looking to deploy a platform that allows them to manage the data from the moment it enters their enterprise. A number of vendors are crafting enterprise ready platforms in an effort to improve time to value (and generate license revenue).

For more information on big data, download this research report - or for how big data sets can be used, view this short video by Mike Olson from Cloudera at the recent Strata Conference.

Much of our recent work involves meshing the world of big data with more traditional data warehousing techniques and capabilities. Our evaluation of the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights platform exhibits strengths particularly when real-time analysis of data streams is part of the use case.  We also see a strong value proposition when IBM Netezza appliance factors in particularly with Healthcare providers, telecoms and firms in the utilities business.

IBM's Platform and Vision for big data (source: IBM DeveloperWorks):

IBM Platform and Vision for Big Data resized 600

Contact us if you would like more information on our work in this area. 

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