Healthcare Transformation

Posted by Christian Franklin

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1/10/12 11:14 AM

The volume and demands of Integration and interfaces around HL7, CCD’s, EMR’s, and HIE’s are staggering! Cloud computing and big data are being actively discussed across many industries today and most certainly, the concept of cloud computing, big data tools such as Hadoop have made their way into the field of healthcare. However transformation in healthcare is more than technology alone, it encapsulates a need for change in the culture of healthcare itself. The ability to leverage cloud computing, big data technology in general as change agents for healthcare transformation is what really matters.

The reality is that leveraging data from multiple and disparate sources - whether from a hospital’s EMR, laboratory, specialty clinic, clinicians, or insurance payers - needs to be a priority if real transformation is to occur.  Healthcare CEOs, CIOs and CMOs must move towards a data driven process that facilitates and supports innovation along with driving efficiency into their care models, delivery of service methods, and patient engagement. 

This is fundamental shift in thinking and execution which needs to be supported through technologies such as cloud computing, big data and advanced analytics.  The ability for Healthcare organizations to leverage and extend their reach enterprise-wide will drive utilization of services across the extended enterprise, deliver improved efficiency, reduce overhead costs and increase revenues. More important, it will drive personalization of care to each patient in their ecosystem. The ability to provide the right care, at the right time, with the right resources will improve health outcomes for the patients and provide better overall use of healthcare services in general.

Healthcare transformation involves the capability of an organization to adapt quickly to the societal changes of Healthcare practices by utilizing the tools, such as cloud computing, to speed the delivery of patient portals, personalized integrated services, and tools to deliver the changing paradigm of patients engaging in their own healthcare. Healthcare providers must embrace the need to be agile in delivery of services to patients, providers and insurance providers in order to keep pace with demand. New models for Healthcare enable a provider to quickly develop and deploy new services that are integrated, instrumented and personalized. Through all the changes, your environment must ensure clean, reliable data and high performance levels, regardless of the expanding volume of information, complexity of queries, advanced analytics or data freshness requirements.

The ability to virtualize your infrastructure and data using the capabilities that have been developed by cloud computing pioneers supports agile data integration, robust and trusted information management and cost effective delivery and consumption by nearly any front-end business solution or device. Transformation in Healthcare is not revolution, it is innovation!

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