Advisory Services

Companies know where they want to go. They want to be quicker to react, be more effective and be more agile. They want to deliver great customer experiences, while using new technologies to cut costs and build lasting value.

Digitalization has accelerated the pace of change and it's hard to keep up with the innovations, much less adjust your operating and delivery models to keep pace.

We provide advisory services that help organizations think through alignment, design, change management and delivery considerations.

data strategy.pngData Strategy

Studies show that on average, less that half of the structured data in the enterprise is actively used for decsion making and less than 1% of unstructured data is analyzed if used at all. Changing this requires a coherent strategy for organizing, governing, analyzing and deploying information assets.

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Big Data & Analytics Infrastructure

Prescriptive analytics.pngMachine learning, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning are rapidly advancing. Alternative architectures are starting to dramatically influence how these workload execute. Increasingly, GPUs, and other specialized chips such as Tensorflow are being introduce to dramatically reduce compute times. We can help understand the landscape and chart the appropriate course for your initiative.

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