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Data Preparation at Enterprise Scale

Self-service analytics has transformed organizations by giving everyone the ability to explore business information in a dynamic, visual and interactive way. Now, business consumers and teams can let their curiosity guide them to deeper insight, in ways they never imagined before.

Yet the most time-consuming part of every exercise continues to be in combining, cleaning, changing and shaping varied data sets into actionable information worthy of being analyzed. Traditional information management processes such as data integration and quality simply don’t keep pace with the business consumers who need to move between data and insights without delays.

Paxata introduces the rst Adaptive Data PreparationTM platform purpose-built to make it easier and faster to prepare data for analysis. Now everyone has the ability to rapidly turn raw data into ready data worthy of analytics—in minutes, not months.

As rapidly as questions get asked, business analysts can securely add, explore, clean, change, shape, enrich and combine data to create governed data products that fuel data exploration, discovery and analytics.

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